The Grispin Process™ Part 3:

The Grispin Process can be summarized in this very step: Over four decades of genius, hard work, trial & error, and exhaustive pyrolysis process development have led to the vast wealth of knowledge and experience is how our CTO, Charles Grispin, commands our technology platform.

Needless to say, there are a number of components involved in this part of the process that may colloquially be referred to as “the secret sauce.” Each parameter, valve type, pipe size, and so forth are specifically selected and tuned to achieve unparalleled results in percentage of conversion, range of raw material and product quality.

In short: the feedstock stream enters the reactor, and through pyrolysis, is converted to a number of products, depending on the tuning parameters of the reactor. These products can include, but are not limited to: polymer plastics feedstocks, ultra-low sulfur diesel, naphtha feedstocks, hydrocarbon gases equivalent to natural gas, among others.

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