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Part 2
PRF: The Plastics Repurposing Facility

The second step in The Grispin Process is the Plastics Repurposing Facility, or PRF. Here, the imported bales of mixed plastic waste are de-baled for sortation.  As you may imagine, even with the some of the highest attention to detail from the feedstock suppliers, when you are dealing with plastic waste that may have been headed to landfills, there remains the risk of contaminates.  In order to eliminate off-spec raw materials, the de-baled mix plastic waste goes through an extensive sortation process to remove any remaining incompatible materials.

Depending upon the raw material, this sortation process in the PRF consists of six to eight different steps, each of which are highly specialized and designed to separate the different types of impurities encountered with mixed plastic waste.  This separated material, not supported by The Grispin Process, can either be sold to alternative post-consumer recycling entities or disposed of appropriately.

Once the feedstock stream has been optimized, it is then ready to be fed into the Grispin Process reactors.

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