The Grispin Process™ Part 4:

Refining the Product

As it holds true in the petrochemical and plastics world, no product is truly pure straight out of the reactor. The Grispin Process employs a series of separation methods in order to split the various product streams, isolating each stream in preparation for final product development.

The majority of these separation methods are ones that are common to individuals in the petrochemical or refining facility industry would be intimately familiar. However, so as to best streamline the efficiency of the overall system, some of the separation processes employ unit operations and operating principles that have been developed by our CTO, Charles Grispin. These bespoke unit operations utilize cutting edge technologies, some of which are yet to be implemented on a wide scale across the process industry. Much akin to the main process reactor, these custom unit operations have been developed over decades of research and process tuning.

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