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The Grispin Process™ – Part 1

Importation: the receipt of the plastic waste

Every day, all over the country, approx. 72,000 tons of plastic waste are sent to various landfills to be buried or incinerated without any consideration about how better use this valuable resource.

The first step in The Grispin Process™ is to work with the landfills, waste collection entities and independent producers to reclaim this previously unusable waste as feedstock to be repurposed into feedstocks for new monomers or ULS fuels for transportation use!

Before the feedstock material even is loaded on the truck to be delivered, hours of planning and work have gone into the selection of the materials. Much like any other process, quality raw materials can make all the difference.

Hand in dirty hand, we work to sort and manage this plastic waste. This is the first step in our Grave-to-Cradle approach for plastic waste.

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